Effects of The European Imperialism In Africa

by Andrew

Many European countries like Britain, France, Germany and many more, dedicated their time and effort to colonize the precious land of Africa. When the Industrial Revolution was booming in Europe, they found Africa to be the home of many crucial raw materials and the scramble for Africa began. The peak of this race was reached at around the late 18th century, and the competition became much more intense. By this time, many countries in Africa were pierced by the sharp-penetrating bullets of European Imperialism. These bullets left deep impacts in the African culture to this day.


The political impacts that the colonialism left in Africa were both positive and negative. First, the colonial powers introduced efficient system of administration in the country. It gave Africa a more structured political system and organized government. Many of the African countries still hold the same political system that was introduced to them during the days of imperialism. Westerners also introduced political concepts like constitution and democracy. However, structured political system wasn’t the only thing that the Western powers had introduced to the African society. They also brought in the idea of nationalism, which is the cause of many wars and revolutions in Africa. Some of them being positive, and some of them being negative. Eventually, this introduction of nationalism had positive effects on the African side while it had negative effect on the colonialist’s side.

The economic effects that the colonialism had on Africa were very crucial in shaping the current day Africa. When the colonialists came to African colonies, they brought their industrial technology with them. They developed profitable industries which paved the way for industrialization of many of the African countries throughout the continent. Many of the African markets in the current day are based on the industrial markets of the imperialism era. This might seem like a positive impact, but the imperialist took advantage of these colonies by exporting raw materials as cheap as possible and selling is with high price.

All of these effects may not seem so intense or negative, but they all had huge role in shaping the African culture. The wars that came along with the Imperialism left deep scars in the nation, causing racial barriers and social distinctions. The brutality of the Imperialist westerners toward the African laborers are unmentionable, and conclusively the ideas and concepts that the westerners had brought to Africa during the Imperialist era do not outweigh the cost of African lives that were sacrificed for European industries.

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  1. llocsin15 says:

    I liked reading you blog post, especially the intro, I really liked how you used “sharp-penetrating bullets” as a metaphor for european imperialism. You also did a great job imbedding hyperlinks into your post. You also used examples and credible facts to prove any argument that you made during your post. Aside from your intro, your last paragraph was also particularly strong, because you reiterated your intro paragraph, while using good words, and great sentence structure.

  2. nini says:

    Select all that apply.

    Which of the following were effects of European imperialism in Africa?

    Africans were given positions in colonial government.
    Warring tribes were forced together. resulting in many ethnic wars.
    African nations became pawns in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union.
    European colonizers stripped much of the wealth away from Africa.

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